Multiplayer / Online Development

Developing the online portion of your multiplayer game is what we do best.

Where this is generally very time-consuming, we put convenient tools and architecture in place that optimize the process.

Our team has got you covered!

Porting to Consoles

Porting is something that often happens at the end of the production cycle.

Around those times you almost always want your internal team to focus all their time on optimization and polish.

This is where we come in and handle the consoles side of things while keeping you tightly in the loop with the progress.

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Services-Technical requirement for Conso

Technical requirement for Consoles

TRC for consoles can't be rushed, that's why we handle this with great care. Going over everything from Save Features to Social Features implementation, we will make sure your game will meet the requirements to be played and enjoyed on all consoles.

2D Graphics Design

Whether you are in need of UI design or decals, logos or environmental graphics - our team loves bringing your ideas, big or small to life.

We work with the latest technologies and tools, making sure we deliver what you expect from us, and more!

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Virtual Reality Device

Architectural Visualization

Unreal Engine allows us to create much more than making amazing video games.

As one of the first companies in Estonia, we offer real time architecture visualization, so you and your client can get a realistic feel of how the in-and -exterior of a future property will look like.

We guarantee that the result is photo-realistic thanks to every material being tailor made to match the laws of physics from the real world and allowing all light to behave accordingly.

Additionally, real-time rendering allows your potential client to have a virtual tour with full freedom! Exactly like in a video game.

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